E u g a n e a n h i l l s

A mirage: they look like large ‘flowering islands’, as Shelley called them, emerging out of the vast, flat Veneto landscape.

And as soon as you approach these green hills of volcanic origin, born under the sea millions of years ago, it seems as if you are returning to childhood drawings, to the mountainous and hilly backdrops of a small nativity scene.

Euganean Hills

A m i r a g e : t h e y l o o k l i k e l a r g e ' f l o w e r i n g i s l a n d s '


Whoever enters this fairytale landscape falls hopelessly in love with it and makes it his own forever. As happened over the centuries to great poets and men of letters: Petrarch, Foscolo, D’Annunzio, Fogazzaro, but also Byron, Shelley or Chatwin; in their verses we find all the suggestions that these hills evoke when they appear from afar to those arriving from Venice, ploughing the waters of the great lagoon.

Medieval villages, castles and fortresses, silent monasteries, magnificent Venetian villas: travelling along ancient canals and rivers we come to discover little corners of paradise that are impossible to forget. In this unique territory, the agricultural vocation has been centuries old, since Roman times. The microclimate is typically Mediterranean with good temperature ranges, plenty of sunshine in summer and good ventilation.