Our wines

The Pianzio Valley

Wine has been part of our history for 4 generations

Our wines speak of the Euganean Hills and the valley – the Pianzio Valley – in which they are born.
They are expression of the unique microclimate found here and of the different soils, limestone and volcanic, that characterise the area.

We only use our own grapes of which we know every characteristic and nuance of character.

The grapes used are those typical of the Euganean Hills and historically cultivated in the area.

For us, the vineyard is a garden that we take care of every day.

With voluntary integrated pest management to optimise work in the vineyard with minimally invasive preventive actions. We act with respect for nature and those who came before us.

We alternate manual work – for green and dry pruning – with small mechanised jobs for mowing the grass in the rows and topping.

Since around 2010 we have been carrying out ‘Simonit and Sirch’ conservative pruning to create balance in the vineyard system and extend the life of the plant with high quality.

Grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Franc and Merlot find an elective ‘cru’ in this area. It is in fact one of the few areas in the hills where they reach full ripeness without developing too much vegetal and herbaceous notes.

We try to interpret the character of vines and terroir in the best possible way, which in this side are distinguished by freshness, balance and elegance.

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