It is not known whether the Glera grape called Serprino in the Euganean Hills is the progenitor of Prosecco or vice versa. What is certain is that its typicality is determined by the hilly soils and the particular microclimate that is well suited to the Pianzio Valley.
Tasting notes

With a soft and brilliant straw colour, it offers fresh floral and fruity notes. Hints of acacia flowers, apple and citrus fruit strike the nose. A distant hint of banana is present.

A light, unobtrusive bubble, which enhances the aromas of the wine and the dish.


A fresh and immediate wine, with a delicate and pleasant bubble. Gives a refreshing cleanliness to the palate. It goes well with fried dishes such as vegetable meatballs, fried chicken, zucchini flowers and fried fish.

Also ideal as an aperitif with bruschetta and crostini.

A spring and summer wine that loves moments of sharing.